Michael Ballance Plastics Limited was formed in 1992 and is a leading supplier of Chemical Additives to the Rubber and Plastics Sector, including CPE, other Impact Modifiers and Homopolymer and Oxidised Polyethylene Waxes. We also provide a range of PVC compounds. 

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MBPL offer a range of packaging solutions including 25kg bag, big bags and tankers for our powder range. Our liquid range is supplied in IBC form, Material can be supplied by full or part truck, container or silo truck for our powder range.


We offer an extensive distribution network and deliver to most European Countries. Containers are shipped to other world markets from Asia or MBPL’s UK operation. Today, MBPL has stock in various European locations for prompt delivery.

Technical Support

Our specialists have extensive knowledge of the Plastic, Rubber and Chemicals Industry. Assistance is provided on technical trials and an extensive range of literature is provided upon request.

China Office

In 2010 MBPL established its Chinese office in Guangzhou. Under the professional management of Jack Dong, the office handles all MBPL’s exports from China.

Chinese Office:

Rm 617, Dongyin Building,
no.433 Zhongsham Road, Tianhe District
Guangzhou, China.

Telephone: +86 20823082360
Fax: +86 2082308212
Email: dj@ballance-plastics.co.uk

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Michael Ballance Plastics was formed in 1992 and is a major supplier of PVC Compounds and Chemical Additives to the Plastic and Rubber Industry.

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